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From from the loverly Jayne Middlemiss
Jayne Middlemiss (PNG File, sorry) "You can't buy much for 14p can you?" Well, that is what I was once told by a friend's younger brother. We beat him up for saying such a thing, but then we always gave him a clout.

It's Shannon! Erm, I mean Isla Fisher

The contents of this here web site will be generally of no use to anyone. Incidently, if you can't see any of the images on this page then get a browser that supports PNG images)

I'll warn you again... be prepared (If you are to venture any further) to be be bored and confused.
Isla Fisher (PNG File, sorry)

This page is under construction, much in the way that all web pages are. The consequences of this will be many "broken links", off-site links that open within a frame and some hideous spelling. Not that anyone, least of all me, will care.
Best viewed on a computer, preferably one equipted with a web browser. But, failing that a daisy-wheel printer would do the job admirably. Having said that, the coloured bars on the left seem to go a bit pear shaped if your browser has less that 64 colours to play with. But then, I guess you must be used to that by now.

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