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Created on my Amiga using CygnusEd V3.5 for editing files and both IBrowse and VoyagerNG for testing. All three pieces of software I own and are not, for example, copied.

On the subject of thieving software. The layout for these pages have been blatenly stolen (colours and all) from the programming example on CU-Amiga's cover cd. The exact location being


The mechanism of how these work has been butchered so that the link bar down the left hand side of the window* stays constant. But thanks to Mat(t?) Benni(something) for aggreeing to let me use these over a quasi-psycic conversation last Tuedsay. This is of course a lie, but thanks anyway.

Anyone know how to spell "quasi-psycic", or even know what it means?

The Jayne Middlemiss picture was taken from a Jayne Middlemiss fan page, which (I think) was taken from FHM magazine.

Coincidently, this is the same place that I found the Isla Fisher picture. (Albeit in a much larger form)

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